Several More Teeg Sites


This is a place I started out learning how to do all this and I still get back to it sometimes.


Then Attract the Future is about getting over the bad ideas they brought back in the 90s that were not any good in the 60s or 70s but they wanted to “go retro, as cheap as possible I guess,so I try to have some reminders of the better ideas, and situations that never got solved, that I think could have been worked with at least a little better, and probably still can be worked with.


Yeah…. OK I get radical, and say a couple bad words, on Radical Selection, but it is about ideas that most average guys would like to work on, after they have some cash saved up, but that part about getting some cash saved up in the first place is getting too complex…. working on new futuristic ideas, is getting sort of weird, and complicated, when it seems like everybody really wants to know, what you might be working on, and then it will take forever. That means defending your project against the new industrial espionage spies that will be trained like cookie cutter, instant employee spies…… Cute little four credit courses, on how to be a detective and private investigator, but with an industrial decorative spin, that will make the students look really important. I really don’t think you could build a mop bucket, at home or in a your garage…in a reasonable amount of time with the industries and institutions, …..endlessly “getting ready” to serve a “market” of guys who might want to build some newer ideas and experiments.


Aurora camp is mostly just extensions from Traction and Thrust and Altitude Intellect.

I already went camping OK? I like to get more people out there and try to mellow people out. My Dad was a master guide and outfitter in Alaska and I got a pretty good dose of the outdoors when I was growing up. Then I wanted to go see all the fancy stuff in the world and then come back and get some of that fancy stuff to work in Alaska. Not a bad idea, but the world out there is totally against the idea. So it has been a struggle. They are either afraid of the woods, or they are afraid of what the middle managers will do…., throwing tantrums if a lot of people walk out and quit their jobs and split for the woods and leave them there looking like wimps.


Altitude Intellect is sort of arrogant, but then calm, when you get past the tree line.

This is about mountains and growing up with airplanes that could land up there, and then i didn’t have to climb the things, the planes took care of the work, and I got all the views and dream time without the exhaustion and fatigue . I was tired from flying, but that was a different type of tired. Then I try to sound cynical and whatever to embed my translation of what is going on from that view, to the goofy version of society the United States has chosen to implement in their road corridor lifestyle.

This place is a really white clean site where I try to explain a little about my weird take on the world from growing up in what amounts to laboratory conditions and not having the corrupt and competitive people around me all the time. A lot of people start this psychology garbage with me about wondering if I think I am superior, no , not really, I just don’t like it when people doubt themselves in the wilderness when I am around them.


Engineering the Moment is a mess today, I have been fiddling around with it and it is supposed to be a little more like poetry and references to history sites and other things that might be entertaining and sharp at first and then with “beveled edges” on the stuff that gets too sharp.


I was over on Digital Insight doing something the other day, I forget what, but I got that Tramanto (car) to go into the header and that was pretty cool. I like the Fisker Cars, then I go bezerk on anything about anything and mostly slam into my ineptitude with technology and make it look like it is somebody else who is to blame, and it must be… and I think that someday soon a lot of people will be agreeing…, that my ineptitude, is not so inept, and the industries are sort of pushing their luck with the ‘digital glitches’ and it actually feels more primitive that I was allowed to behave when I was growing up.


This is a mean little site…., about Culture Drafting, and it started as an idea to get some ideas about how we all think we have “permission to be social engineers”, but no channels to actually see results from that activity in one single lifetime, and then it drifted off into a thing about the paperwork and whatever had me sort of angry and feeling like I was sitting at a green light in traffic, behind somebody who did not notice the green light.

Actually with a little more editing I think the thing might shape up.



The logo designs above, are from a place called. Cooltext. 

I haven’t got all the logos to match up with the places yet, but I might work on that a bit more later.


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